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Rachel drives for UBER in NYC, she saw most of her customers get delayed during morning rush hours to get coffee from their favorite stores.


Rachel thought why don’t I build an app just focusing on the early office-goers in Manhattan, that will solve a huge problem for her riders.

Let's build!

After talking with Rachel we understood that she wants to solve a genuine problem that is simple but the solution is effective. We love to work with founders who have simple but impactful solutions. It doesn’t need to be a blockchain always, lol.

Wireframing & Prototyping

We started with building the wireframes that would be simple to navigate. Our main goal was to make sure that people can get to their orders as quickly as possible. Simplicity is the joy here.

UI Designing

The challenge was to make the map and coffee stores identifiable to locals of Manhattan, Bronx, Queens, Brooklyn. That’s what we achieved again by keeping it simple and recognizable to first time users.

Share with your
closest one

One of the best suggestions from Rachel was why not share with colleagues!

User Journey

Now we had to map the user journey or the ordering process in this case. Again simplicity of ordering and getting the coffee would conquer the day for the office-goers here.


We wanted to let people connect with as less taps as possible.

App Icon

We wanted to show the user exactly what it is, which is a refreshing coffee before the start of the battle!






We mixed two different fonts for different purposes. After trying many variations these two were finalized by Rachel.

phone device


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Frequently Asked Questions

Building a startup is a herculean task, we don’t want you to have doubts with questions in mind. 

Do you provide NDA?

We don't communicate without an NDA and you shouldn't either. Protect your idea before talking to anyone, not after. Need a sample NDA? Apply to our program here, and you will receive our signed NDA. 

Do you take equity?

No, we don't. Your idea, your startup, your revenue. We are just helpers in your journey.

Do you partner with founders?

This actually is not helpful for you. We would like to get you in to the market as soon as possible. Partnership works best in between founders and investors.

How can you gurantee success?

We simply don't and won't. We are adults here, there is no shortcut or secret recipe to success. You need to work hard as a founder and that is why we can't work with everyone.

If you are looking for quick get rich plans then this is probably not for you. 

We can only guarantee that we will provide you with best tools possible for success.


Is there any minimum retainer?

No there is not, use the pricing tool to get an idea of how much it might cost to you. Rest we can talk about once we discuss your idea.

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